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This web site is intended as a resource for those interested in railroad history, and is just a small contribution to the field from my personal files and resources. If you have material that you would like to share, contact me at the email address above to discuss the issue. Anything posted here from other sources will be posted with thanks and full credit to the contributor.

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I am listing below various Historical Societies that I encourage you to support if you desire to help preserve railroad history for future generations. Many of these organizations may be eligible for tax deductible contributions if that is of interest to you. 

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Historical Society

For the B&O site, go to the company store; on the menu on the left side of the page scroll down and find "Payments and Donations" which allows on line donations by use of a form on the company store. Should you join the B&O group, they publish an outstanding newsletter quarterly.

Rio Grande Modeling and Historical Society

For the DRGW organization, select the "About RGMHS" tab; a button to donate to the society will appear on the page. If you join the organization they publish several fine newsletters and magazines each year.

Friends of the Cumbres & Toltect Scenic Railroad

For the Friends organization, select the "Join, Renew, Give" tab and a donation screen will display. If you join the Friends organization you will receive their quarterly publication plus notices and discounts concerning special events on the railroad.

Milwaukee Road Historical Association

The Milwaukee Road Historical Association has an excellent website with many links to resources about the railroad. A donation button appears on the home page of the website if you would like to support the organization. Should you join the group, you will receive their publications and information about excellent meetings and trips that they sponsor.

Rock Island Reporter Magazine

The Rock Island Reporter is a fine magazine devoted to preserving the Rock Island story. It is supported entirely by donations. I have found the magazine quite informative and entertaining, whether or not the Rock is a primary railroad interest. (Note November 2022: This site has gone mostly silent, the sponsor has stepped back from the effort of publishing it, unfortunately).

These links are a small sampling of the many fine groups that are working to preserve the story of the various "fallen flags" around the country. I encourage you to look for organizations that may be supporting railroad subjects that are of the greatest interest to you.

Recent Additions

August 2023

List  miscelaneous items for sale or donation.

Link to the 1969 ICC Hearing on merger proposals added to DRGW Miscellaneous.

Minor addition to B&O Miscellaneous.

A large group of PRR employee division timetables and a list of PRR passenger train consists was added to the PRR section (part of Penn Central).

January 2024

A menu from the B&0 in 1952 was added to the passenger section for that carrier.

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